1832 - The Cook's Own Book

Pork, Leg


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1832 - The Cook's Own Book
Pork, Leg

Of eight pounds, will require about three hours:
score the skins across in narrow stripes (some score it in diamonds),
about a quarter of an inch apart;
stuff the knuckle with sage and onion, minced fine,
and a little grated bread, seasoned with pepper, salt,
and the yolk of an egg.
Do not put it too near the fire:
rub a little sweet oil on the skin with a paste-brush,
or a goose-feather: this makes the crackling crisper and browner
than basting it with dripping; and it will be a better color than
all the art of cookery can make it in any other way; and this is
the best way of preventing the skin from blistering, which is
principally occasioned by its being put too near the fire.