1832 - The Cook's Own Book



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1832 - The Cook's Own Book

Put half a pound of fresh butter,
with six large onions sliced,
three cloves of garlic,
some chopped parsley,
and sweet marjoram,
into a stewpan, let it stew over a slow fire till of a light brown color;
cut in small pieces five pounds of lean beef,
and let that stew till the gravy be extracted,
and then put in three quarts of boiling water,
and half a pound of Scotch barley,
and let it simmer four hours very slowly;
mix four table-spoonfuls of curry-powder with cold water,
and add it to the stock;
take out the beef, and rub the barley through a sieve, to thicken the soup.
Cut a fowl in joints, skin it, and put it in a stewpan
with a piece of butter,
and let it stew till quite tender;
the stewpan must be kept closely covered:
this to be added to the soup, the last thing,
with a pint of boiling milk,
and the juice of two lemons.
Boiled rice must always be served with this soup.