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1832 - The Cook's Own Book

The usual mode of dressing it in England is by adding a white sauce,
and Parmesan or Cheshire cheese, and burning it;
but this makes a dish which is proverbially unwholesome:
its bad qualities arise from the oiled and burnt cheese,
and the half-dressed flour and butter put into the white sauce.
Macaroni plain boiled, and some rich stock or portable soup added to it quite hot,
will be found a delicious dish and very wholesome.
Or, boil macaroni as directed in the receipt for the pudding and serve it quite hot
in a deep tureen, and let each guest add grated Parmesan and cold butter,
or oiled butter served hot, and it is excellent;
this is the most common Italian mode of dressing it.
Macaroni with cream, sugar, and cinnamon, or a little varicelli added to the cream,
makes a very nice sweet dish.