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1832 - The Cook's Own Book

A cod-fish should be firm and white, the gills red, and the eye lively;
a fine fish is very thick about the neck; if the flesh is at all flabby it is not good.
Cod is in its prime during the months of October and November, if the weather be cold;
from the latter end of March to May, cod is also very fine.
The length of time it requires for boiling depends on the size of the fish,
which varies from one pound to twenty;
a small fish, about two or three pounds weight will be sufficiently boiled
in a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes after the water boils.
Prepare a cod for dressing in the following manner:
--empty and wash it thoroughly, scrape off all the scales, cut open the belly,
and wash and dry it well, rub a little salt inside, or lay it for an hour in strong brine.
The simple way of dressing it is as follows:
--Tie up the head, and put it into a fish-kettle, with plenty of water and salt in it;
boil it gently, and serve it with oyster sauce.
Lay a napkin under the fish, and garnish with slices of lemon, horse-radish, &c.