1832 - The Cook's Own Book



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1832 - The Cook's Own Book

Put a quartern of flour into a large basin, with two tea-spoonfuls of salt;
make a hole in the middle; then put in a basin four table-spoonfuls of good yeast;
stir in a pint of milk, lukewarm; put it in the hole of the flour;
stir it just to make it into a thin batter; then strew a little flour over the top;
then put it on one side of the fire, and cover it over; let it stand till the next morning;
then make it into dough; add half a pint more of warm milk; knead it for ten minutes;
and then set it in a warm place by the fire for one hour and a half:
then knead it again, and it is ready either for loaves or bricks:
bake them from one hour and a half to two hours according to the size.