1832 - The Cook's Own Book

Beef Sirloin


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1832 - The Cook's Own Book
Beef Sirloin

The noble sirloin of about fifteen pounds
(if much thicker, the outside will be done too much before the inside is enough),
will require to be before the fire about three and a half or four hours;
take care to spit it evenly, that it may not be heavier on one side than the other;
put a little clean dripping into the drippingpan,
(tie a sheet of paper over it to preserve the fat),
baste it well as soon as it is put down,
and every quarter of an hour all the time it is roasting, till the last half hour;
then take off the paper, and make some gravy for it;
stir the fire and make it clear:
to brown and froth it, sprinkle a little salt over it,
baste it with butter, and dredge it with flour;
let it go a few minutes longer, till the froth rises,
take it up, put it on the dish, &c.
Garnish it with hillocks of horse-radish,
scraped as fine as possible with a very sharp knife.
A Yorkshire pudding is an excellent accompaniment.