1885 - La Cuisine Creole

Soup Et Bouilli


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1885 - La Cuisine Creole
Soup Et Bouilli

Six or eight pounds of a brisket of beef;
three carrots;
four turnips;
two onions;
six cloves;
two heads of celery;
one clove of garlic;
a bunch of sweet herbs;
a little salt;
a piece of butter;
a little flour;
one French roll;
a tablespoonful of French mustard.

Put the beef into a pot and cover it with water,
and when it boils take off the scum as it rises;
then draw it to the side of the fire to stew slowly for five or six hours,
with the carrots, turnips, celery, garlic, bunch of sweet herbs,
and the onions stuck with cloves.
When done lay the bouilli on a hot dish, and strew over it some carrots,
turnips and the stalks of celery, previously boiled and cut into shapes.
Add to it a sauce made of a little of the soup, thickened with flour fried in butter,
and seasoned with pepper and salt.
Strain the soup over a French roll placed at the bottom of the tureen and serve.
The bouilli may have a spoonful of French mustard added to the soup sauce.