1885 - La Cuisine Creole

Crab Gombo with Okra


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1885 - La Cuisine Creole
Crab Gombo with Okra

Take six large crabs, throw them in cold water for a few moments.
When cool cut off the limbs--while they are living if possible,
as this renders them more delicate;
clean them, and put them to fry, shells and all, in a pot containing a cup of lard,
a cup of cut onions, a small bunch of parsley, and two tablespoonfuls of browned flour.
Let them cook about fifteen minutes,
and then pour on them two pints of boiling water and a quart of sliced okra;
let it all stew gently for half an hour, and add a slice of lean ham and
a quart of good veal or beef stock (made by boiling two pounds of veal or
beef in two quarts of water until reduced to a quart);
season with a teaspoonful of salt, and same of black and red pepper,
and let all boil for half an hour.
This soup can be made in the oyster season by putting in a quart of oysters
and two quarts of their liquor instead of the boiled beef stock.