1913 - Dishes and Beverages of the Old South

Barbecued Lamb


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1913 - Dishes and Beverages of the Old South
Barbecued Lamb

The middle piece, known to butchers as "the bracelet," is best for barbecuing.
Have it split down the backbone, and the rib-ends neatly trimmed,
also the ribs proper, broken about midway, but not quite through.
Wash clean, wipe dry, rub over well with salt,
then prick in tiny gashes with a sharp-pointed knife,
and rub in well black pepper, paprika, a very little dry mustard,
then dash lightly with tabasco.
Put a low rack in the bottom of a deep narrowish pan,
set the meat upon it, letting only the backbone and
rib-ends touch the rack.
This puts it in a sort of Gothic arch.
Keep it so throughout the cooking.
Put a cupful of water underneath--it must not touch the meat.
Have the oven very hot, but not scorching--should it scorch in the
least turn another pan over the meat for the first hour of cooking.
Add more water as the first boils away, but do not baste the meat--
the water is merely to keep it from getting too hard.
Roast till the fat is crisped and brown throughout, the lean very tender.
Take up on a broad, hot dish, and in serving cut along the ribs,
so as to let each portion include the whole length of them,
as well as part of the backbone.
Serve with a sauce, of melted butter,
mixed with equal quantity of strong vinegar, boiling hot,
made thick with red and black pepper,
minced cucumber pickle,
and a bare dash of onion juice.
This is as near an approach to a real barbecue, which is cooked over live coals
in the bottom of a trench, as a civilized kitchen can supply.

The middling of a pig weighing less than a hundred pounds, well scraped, washed
clean, and likewise roasted on a rack after seasoning it well, makes a fine dish.
The sauce for it should include minced green peppers, instead of cucumbers.
If you happen to have a pepper mango, cut it fine,
and let it stand in the hot sauce ten minutes before serving.