1904 - Cooking in Old Creole Days



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1904 - Cooking in Old Creole Days

Take a good sized chicken.
Cut it as for fried chicken, season it with salt and pepper,
and fry in a spoonful of lard.
Cut up half a pound of ham in pieces an inch long, and fry in the same pan.
When that is fried, take out and in the same lard fry a spoonful of onions cut very fine.
Slice up three large tomatoes, or two spoonfuls of canned tomatoes,
and fry them in the same pan.
Cut up a little parsley and add when everything is fried.
Put back your ham and chicken and add two and a half cupfuls of water.
Let it come to a boil, and then add a cupful of well washed rice.
Put it again on a quick fire.
When the rice is cooked, and the steam begins to rise,
put it on a slow fire and add a teaspoonful of butter.
If you fear it may burn at the bottom of the pot, use a fork,
not a spoon, as the latter makes the rice soggy.
Let it soak or dry thoroughly.
If it does not dry fast enough, put for a moment in the oven.