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To Boil Asparagus


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1390 - American Cookery
To Boil Asparagus

First cut the white ends off about six inches from the head,
and scrape them from the green part downward very clean,
as you scrape them, throw them into a pan of clear water,
and after a little soaking, tie them up in small even bundles,
when your water boils, put them in, and boil them quick;
but by over boiling they will lose their heads;
cut a slice of bread for a toast, and toast it brown on both sides;
when your asparagus is done, take it up carefully;
dip the toast in the asparagus water, and lay it in the bottom of your dish;
then lay the heads of the asparagus on it, with the white ends outwards;
pour a little melted butter over the heads;
cut an orange into small pieces, and stick them between for garnish.