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To Alamode a Round of Beef


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1390 - American Cookery
To Alamode a Round of Beef

To a 14 or 16 pound round of beef, put one once salt-petre.
48 hours after stuff it with the following:
one and half pound of beef,
one pound salt pork,
two pound grated bread,
chop all fine and rub in
half pound butter,
pepper and cayenne,
summer savory,
lay it on scewers in a large pot, over three pints hot water
(which it must occasionally be supplied with),
the steam of which in 4 or 5 hours will render the round tender if over a moderate fire;
when tender, take away the gravy and thicken with flour and butter, and boil,
brown the round with butter and flour, adding ketchup and wine to your taste.