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A Lemon Pudding


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1390 - American Cookery
A Lemon Pudding

1. Grate the yellow of the peals of three lemons,
then take two whole lemons, roll under your hand on the table till soft,
taking care not to burst them, cut and squeeze them into the grated peals.

2. Take ten ounces soft wheat bread, and put a pint of scalded white wine thereto,
let soak and put to No. 1.

3. Beat four whites and eight yolks, and put to above,
adding three quarters of a pound of melted butter, (which let be very fresh and good)
one pound fine sugar,
beat all together till thoroughly mixed.

4. Lay paste No. 7 or 9 on a dish, plate or saucers, and fill with above composition.

5. Bake near 1 hour, and when baked--
stick on pieces of paste,
cut with a jagging iron or a doughspur to your fancy,
baked lightly on a floured paper;
garnished thus, they may be served hot or cold.