1919 - The Italian Cook Book

Tutti Frutti


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1919 - The Italian Cook Book
Tutti Frutti

To make this ice a special ice cream mold is necessary,
or a tin receptacle that can be closed hermetically.

Take several varieties of fruits of the season, ripe and of good quality,
that is to say, strawberries, cherries, plums, apricots, a big peach,
a good sized pear, a piece of good cantaloupe.
Peel, skin and remove stones and cores of all these fruits.
Then cut them into very thin slices, throwing away the cores and stones.

When the fruit is prepared in this manner, weigh it, and sprinkle over one
fifth of its weight of powdered sugar, squeezing also one lemon.
Mix everything and let the mixture rest for half an hour.

Put a sheet of paper in the bottom of the mold that is to be filled
with the fruit pressed together, close, and pack in salt and ice,
keeping it for two hours or a little less.
This is not the tutti frutti ice cream as is known in America, but a macedoine
of fruits, that comes very pleasant to the taste in the summer months.