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Tomato Sauce


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1919 - The Italian Cook Book
Tomato Sauce
(Salsa di Pomidoro)

Chop together, fine, one quarter of an onion,
a clove of garlic,
a piece of celery as long as your finger,
a few bay leaves
and just enough parsley.
Season with a little oil,
and pepper,
cut up seven or eight tomatoes
and put everything over the fire together.
Stir it from time to time and when you see the juice condensing
into a thin custard strain through a sieve, and it is ready for use.

When fresh tomatoes are not available the tomato paste may be used.
This is a concentrated paste made from tomatoes and spices which is
to be had, at all Italian grocers', now so numerous in all American cities.
Thinned with water, it is a much used ingredient in Italian recipes.
Catsup and concentrated tomato soup do not make satisfactory
substitutes as they are too sweet in flavor.
Of course canned tomatoes seasoned with salt and a bit of bay leaf,
can always be used instead of fresh tomatoes.

This sauce serves many purposes.
It is good on boiled meat; excellent to dress macaroni, spaghetti
or other pastes which have been seasoned with butter and cheese,
or on boiled rice seasoned in the same way (see Risotto).
Mushrooms are a fine addition to it.
When using concentrated paste the following recipes
will be found to give good results:

Chop one onion,
one carrot
and a celery stalk:
form a little bunch of parsley
and other aromatic greens
and put everything to brown in a saucepan
together with a piece of butter.
Add a reasonable portion of tomato paste while cooking,
stir and keep on a low fire until the sauce assumes the
necessary consistency.