1919 - The Italian Cook Book

Spaghetti Definition


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1919 - The Italian Cook Book
Spaghetti, Macaroni, etc.
(Pasta Asciutta)

The Italians serve the spaghetti or macaroni at the beginning of the meal,
in place of soup, and they give it the name of Minestra Asciutta or "dry" soup.
Besides the familiar spaghetti, the paste is served in many other forms and with
different seasoning. This is by far the most popular Italian dish, and it seems
to have pleased the taste of all the peoples of the earth. The highly nutritive
qualities of spaghetti and of cheese, their indispensable condiment, have been
recognized by all diet authorities and, as for its palatableness, the lovers of
spaghetti are just as enthusiastic and numerous outside of Italy as within
the boundaries of that blessed country. The most popular seasoning for
spaghetti, are tomato sauce, brown stock and anchovy sauce.