1919 - The Italian Cook Book

Fried Squash


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1919 - The Italian Cook Book
Fried Squash
(Zucchine fritte)

The squashes used by Italians for frying and other purposes are very small,
and for this reason they are called "Zucchine" or small squashes.
They can be bought at those shops kept by Italian vegetable dealers that are
now to be found in large number in most American cities and, invariably, in
Italian neighborhoods during the summer season. The "Zucchine" are an
extremely tasty vegetable and they are especially good when fried.

Select the squashes that are long and thin:
wash them cut them in little strips less than half an inch thick.
Take away the softer part of the interior and salt moderately.
Leave them aside for an hour or two, then drain them but don't dry them.
Put them in flour and rub gently in a sieve to take away the superfluous flour:
immediately after put them in a saucepan where there is already oil, fat or butter boiling.
At the beginning don't touch them to avoid breaking, and only when they have become a
little hardened stir them and remove when they begin to be browned.