1919 - The Italian Cook Book

Brown Stock


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1919 - The Italian Cook Book
Brown Stock
(Sugo di Carne)

Cover the bottom of a saucepan with thin slices of beef
taken from a juicy cut and small pieces of salt pork.
Place over a large onion,
one carrot,
and a stalk of celery,
all chopped in small pieces.
Add some butter and cover the whole with any trimmings
from steaks or roasts and any bit of left over cooked meat.
Season with salt and cloves.
Put over the fire without stirring.
When you smell the onions getting very brown, turn the meat and when
everything is quite brown add a cup of water, renewing the latter three times.
Finally add a certain quantity of boiling water or, better still, of broth,
and let it boil gently five or six hours.
Strain, cool and skim off the fat which will form a cake on top of the liquid.

The meat can be used afterward for meat balls or Croquettes.
The stock may be kept for some days and forms the basis for many dishes.