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Bean Soup


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1919 - The Italian Cook Book
Bean Soup
(Zuppa di fagiuoli)

One cup of dried beans, kidney, navy or lima is to be soaked over night.
Then boil until tender.
It is preferable to put the beans to cook in cold water with a pinch of soda.
When they come to boil, pour off this water and add fresh.

Chop fine 1/4 onion,
one clove of garlic,
one sprig of parsley
and one piece of celery
and put them to fry in 1/4 cup of oil
with salt and a generous amount of pepper.
When the vegetables are a delicate brown
add to them two cups of the broth from the beans
and 1 cup of tomatoes (canned or fresh).
Let all come to a boil and pour the mixture into the kettle of beans
from which some of the water has been drained, if they are very liquid.
This soup may be served as it is or rubbed through a sieve before serving.
Croutons or triangles of dry toast make an excellent addition.

The bean soup is made without meat or chicken broth,
and it belongs consequently to that class of soup called by the Italians
"Minestra di Magro" or "lean soup, to be served preferably on Friday and
other days in which the Roman Catholic Church prohibits the use of meats.