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Anchovy Sauce


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1919 - The Italian Cook Book
Anchovy Sauce
(Salsa d'Acciughe)

This recipe does not call for the filets of anchovies prepared for
hors d'oeuvre, but the less expensive and larger whole anchovies in
salt to be had in bulk or cans at large dealers.
Wash them thoroughly in plenty of water.
Remove backbone and skin and they are ready for use.

Put five or six anchovies into a colander and dip quickly into
boiling water to loosen the skins, remove the salt, skin and bone them.
Chop them and put over the fire in a saucepan with a generous quantity
of oil and some pepper.
Do not let them boil, but when they are hot add two tablespoons of butter
and three or four tablespoons of concentrated tomato juice made by cooking
down canned tomatoes and rubbing through a sieve.
When this sauce is used to season spaghetti, these must be boiled in water that
is only slightly salted and care must be taken not to let them become too soft.
The quantities above mentioned ought to be sufficient for about one pound of spaghetti.