1857 - The Great Western Cookbook

Pot Pie


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1857 - The Great Western Cookbook
Pot Pie

Take raised pie-crust, line a pot, or small Dutch oven, or a very deep stewpan,
bottom and sides, with one-half an inch thickness;
lay your fowls and pork, or veal, in very small pieces,
(the pork is always best boiled first,)
in, with salt, and pepper, and small pieces of butter,
then potatoes, cut in very delicate slices,
then a layer of crust, one, again, of meat, then potatoes, then crust.
Then pour in the water in which the pork has been boiled,
through a hole in the top crust.
The pie must be baked very judiciously, or it will be a failure.
It is, therefore, always best to cook the meat and fowl,
unless they are very young and tender.
Lay a sheet of foolscap over the top, to keep it from baking too rapidly.

This is a most excellent dish for a harvest-party, or log-rolling;
it can be made at any season of the year;
in winter they are very fine, made of sweet-breads,
tender-loins, and spare-ribs, finely sliced, or cut up.