1904 - The Blue Grass Cook Book

Chicken Cutlets


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1904 - The Blue Grass Cook Book
Chicken Cutlets

Mrs. Henry C. Buckner

For a dozen and a half cutlets use a generous pint of cooked chicken, chopped rather coarse,
a cupful of cream,
3 tablespoons of butter,
1 of flour,
1 teaspoon of salt,
4 level tablespoons of fine chopped mushrooms,
4 eggs,
1 pint of sifted crumbs,
1/2 teaspoon of pepper,
1/2 teaspoon of onion juice,
1 teaspoonful of chopped parsley.

Mix chicken with the salt, pepper, onion juice, lemon juice, and chopped mushrooms;
put the cream on the stove in a large frying-pan;
beat the flour and butter together until smooth and light,
and when the cream begins to boil, stir this into it;
stir constantly until the sauce boils again;
then add the seasoned chicken and cook for three minutes;
beat two of the eggs until light and stir them into the boiling ingredients;
take from the fire immediately and pour into a flat dish, to get very cold, for an hour or so.
The colder the mixture becomes, the more easily the cutlets can be formed.
Butter a cutlet mould thoroughly and sprinkle some crumbs into it;
pack with the chicken, and then give the mould a tap on the table to make the cutlet drop out.
The mould is buttered only once, but is sprinkled with crumbs each time a new cutlet is formed.
When all the chicken has been used, beat the two remaining eggs in a deep plate
and put some of the crumbs in another plate;
drop the cutlets into the eggs first, and into the crumbs afterward;
at serving time put them into a frying-basket, being careful not to crowd them,
and cook in boiling fat for two minutes.
Drain well and serve with white mushroom or Bechamel sauce.
Mould with the hands if preferred.