1897 - Swedish-English Cookbook

Pickled Salmon


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1897 - Swedish-English Cookbook
Pickled Salmon

Select the best kind of salmon, shiny in the skin,
the meat of a strong red color,and medium size,
or from seven to ten pounds.
Wash and wipe it;
split the middle piece from the back,
following the back bone as close as possible.
Bone the middle pieces well,
cut them in two parts each and wipe them on linen, but do not rinse.
Mix a tablespoonful of pounded saltpeter,
four spoons of sugar, and 1 1/2 ounce salt,
and then rub the mixture well into the salmon,
after that put the pieces with their meaty sides to each other in a tub,
the bottom of which is sprinkled with coarse salt and fresh dill.
A cover with a weight on is now to be placed on the salmon,
while the tub is covered with branches of spruce or something similar;
then place the tub in a cool room or on ice,
thus to remain for at least 24 hours, when it is ready.
It might be taken up and used after 12 hours,
but the fact is that it becomes the better for standing longer.
It is served in long, broad slices with the skin left on,
and they are garnished with fresh dill.
Eaten with oil, vinegar, pepper and sugar.