1897 - Swedish-English Cookbook

Herring Pudding


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1897 - Swedish-English Cookbook
Herring Pudding

Soak good herring in water for 3 hours;
then cut in two, flay it and remove all bones.
Put it in sweet milk for 1 hour,
then, place it in a linen cloth to drain.
Butter a mould well and put in a layer of boiled potatoes,
cut in slices and upon that a layer of herring,
continuing as long as the herring lasts.
Between each layer strew grated bread and 2 tablespoon drawn butter over it.
When the mould is thus filled, beat 3 or 4 eggs
with 1/2 pint milk or cream and pour over it.
Place the mould in a hot oven for an hour or until it raises and gets a nice color.
When about to put on the table, cover the mould with a napkin.
Serve with melted butter.