1877 - Buckeye Cookery

Welsh Rare Bit


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1877 - Buckeye Cookery
Welsh Rare Bit

Cut thin slices of bread, remove the crust, and toast quickly;
butter it, and cover with thin slices of rather new rich cheese,
spread over a very little made-mustard,
and place on a pie-tin or plate in a hot oven till the cheese is melted,
when cut in square pieces of any size desired,
and serve at once on a hot platter, as it is quite spoiled if allowed to get cold.
The mustard may be omitted if desired;
and some think it more delicate to dip the toast quickly,
after buttering, into a shallow pan of boiling water;
have some cheese ready melted in a cup, and pour some over each slice.
The best way to serve is to have little plates made hot,
place a slice on each plate, and serve one to each person.