1877 - Buckeye Cookery

Roast Meat with Pudding


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1877 - Buckeye Cookery
Roast Meat with Pudding

Never wash the meat, but if necessary wipe with a damp cloth,
sprinkle with salt, pepper, and flour;
if not fat, put three or four pieces of butter the size of a hickory-nut on it;
put in the dripping-pan without water,
letting it rest on a wire frame or some small sticks to keep it from the pan;
baste and turn often, baking from fifteen to twenty minutes for every pound.

Make a Yorkshire pudding, to eat like vegetables with the roast, as follows:
For every pint of milk take three eggs, three cups of flour, and a pinch of salt;
stir to a smooth batter, and pour into the dripping-pan under the meat,
half an hour before it is done.

Mrs. C. T. Carson.