1877 - Buckeye Cookery

Grandmother's Bean Soup


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1877 - Buckeye Cookery
Grandmother's Bean Soup

ake one pint beans, wash well, put on to cook in one quart of cold water;
when water boils pour off and add quart cold water again;
put in piece of pork the size of the hand, salt to taste;
as water boils away add so as to keep covered with water;
cook till the beans mash easily;
beat two eggs well, add two table-spoons water and a pinch of salt,
stir in flour till as stiff as can be stirred,
then drop the batter with a spoon into the soup
(having previously taken two-thirds of the beans out into a pan,
laid the piece of pork on the top with a sprinkle of salt and pepper,
and put all into the oven to brown);
when the dumplings swell up, pepper slightly and the soup is done.
If the pork taste is disliked use butter instead of pork.