1877 - Buckeye Cookery

Broiled Pheasant or Prairie Chicken


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1877 - Buckeye Cookery
Broiled Pheasant or Prairie Chicken

Scald and skin, cut off the breast and cut the rest up in joints,
being careful to remove all shot;
put in hot water all except the breast (which will be tender enough without parboiling),
and boil until it can be pierced with fork, take out, rub over salt, pepper, and butter,
and broil with breast over brisk fire;
place a lump of butter on each piece, and set all in the oven for a few minutes.
For breakfast, serve on fried mush,
and for dinner on toast with a bit of currant jelly over each piece.
Or it may be served with toast cut in pieces about two inches square,
over which pour gravy made by thickening the liquor in which the birds were boiled,
with a little butter and flour rubbed together and stirred in while boiling.
Squirrels may be prepared the same way.

Mrs. W. W. Woods.