1877 - Buckeye Cookery

Baked Chickens


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1877 - Buckeye Cookery
Baked Chickens

Dress the chickens and cut them in two, soak for half an hour in cold water,
wipe perfectly dry and put in a dripping-pan, bone side down, without any water;
have a hot oven, and, if the chickens are young, half an hour's cooking will be sufficient.
Take out, and season with butter, salt, and pepper;
pack one above another as closely as possible, and place in pan over boiling water,
covering them closely--this keeps them moist until served--
boil the giblets in a little water, and, after the chickens are taken from the dripping-pan,
put into it the water in which giblets were boiled, thicken it, and add the chopped giblets.
This manner of baking chickens is fully equal to broiling them.

Mrs. E. W. Herrick, Minneapolis, Minn.