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Boiled Dinner - Salacattabia


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Ancient Roman Recipes
Boiled Dinner

Fresh Mint
Dry Pennyroyal (See note for Pennyroyal)
Pignolia Nuts (See note for Pignolia Nuts)
Yolks of Egg
Fresh Water
Soaked Bread and the liquid pressed out.
Cow's cheese and cucumbers are arranged in a dish, alternately, with the nuts.
Also add finely chopped capers,
chicken livers.
Cover completely with a lukewarm, congealing broth.
Place on ice and when congealed unmould and serve up.

Pennyroyal is a plant in the mint genus, within the family Lamiaceae. Crushed Pennyroyal leaves exhibit a very strong fragrance similar to spearmint. The essential oil of pennyroyal is used in aromatherapy, and is also high in pulegone, a highly toxic volatile organic compound affecting liver and uterine function. Pennyroyal was commonly used as a cooking herb by the Greeks and Romans. The ancient Greeks often flavored their wine with pennyroyal. A large number of the recipes in the Roman cookbook of Apicius call for the use of pennyroyal. Although still commonly used for cooking in the Middle Ages, it gradually fell out of use as a culinary herb and is seldom used so today. You can use spearmint as a substitute for pennyroyal.

Pignolia Nuts
Same as Pine Nuts.

Salacattabia (Latin Version)

Piper, mentam, apium, puleium aridum, caseum, nucleos pineos, mel, acetum, liquamen, ouorum uitella, aquam recentem. panem ex posca maceratum exprimes, caseum bubulum, cucumeres in caccabulo compones, interpositis nucleis. mittes concisi capparis minuti ... iocusculis gallinarum. ius profundes, super frigidam collocabis et sic appones.