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Beans in the Pod - Conchicla


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Ancient Roman Recipes
Beans in the Pod

Cook the beans.
Meanwhile crush pepper, lovage, (See note for lovage)
cumin, green coriander, moistened with broth and wine, and add more broth to taste.
Put into the sauce pan with the beans adding oil.
Heat on a slow fire and serve.

Lovage is a plant, the leaves and seeds or fruit of which are used to flavor food, especially in South European cuisine. It is a tall (3 to 9 ft) perennial that vaguely resembles its cousin celery in appearance and in flavor. Celery leaves can be used as a substitute for lovage.

Conchicla (Latin Version)

Conchicla cum faba: coques. teres piper, ligusticum, cuminum, coriandram uiridem, suffundis liquamen, uino et liquamine temperabis, mittis in caccabum, adicies oleum. lento igni ferueat et inferes.