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Baian Stew - Embractum baianum


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Ancient Roman Recipes
Baian Stew

Minced poached oysters, mussels or scallops and sea nettles (jellyfish).
Put in a sauce pan with toasted nuts (pine nuts), rue, (See note for rue)
celery, pepper, coriander, cumin, raisin wine, (See note for passum)
broth, reduced wine and oil.

Rue is a genus of strongly scented evergreen subshrubs 20-60 cm tall, in the family Rutaceae, native to the Mediterranean region, Macaronesia and southwest Asia. It was used extensively in Middle Eastern cuisine in olden days, as well as in many ancient Roman recipes (according to Apicius), but because it is very bitter, it is usually not suitable for most modern tastes. However, it is still used in certain parts of the world, particularly in northern Africa. Try arrugula or radish leaf as a substitute for rue.

Passum was a style of raisin wine (wine from semi-dried grapes) from ancient Carthage and transmitted from there to Italy, where it was popular under the Roman Empire. Vin Santo is a modern version of Passum from Italy.

Embractum baianum (Latin Version)

Ostreas minutas, sphondylos, urticas in caccabum mittes, nucleos tostos concisos, rutam, apium, piper, coriandrum, cuminum, passum, liquamen, caryotam, oleum.