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by Aldene Fredenburg

The first food of the month club, started decades ago, may have been the Fruit of the Month Club; the company sent out a box containing several pieces of a different fruit each month - different types of apples, pears, and more exotic fare. The idea caught on, and now numerous coffee clubs, beer clubs, and other gourmet food clubs delight thousands of lucky recipients each month.

The Cheesecake of the Month Club features a different, handmade cheesecake each month, made and shipped from a variety of gourmet bakeries around the U.S. Recipients can choose from a three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription to the club, or a number of other options. Cheesecakes sent out in the past include the club's famous New York cheesecake, as well as chocolate, blueberry, and caramel varieties.

For fans of a great brew, the Beer of the Month club features premium beers from any number of microbreweries. Every month, a dozen bottles of beer arrive in the mail, including anywhere from two to four different brands of beer. You'll be able to sample the best of the microbrews in the U.S., and will surely find some that will remain your lifelong favorites.

The Specialty Food Club from Stonewall Kitchen doesn't limit itself to one food category, but offers a variety of different gourmet foods. Available with either a three- or six-month membership, Stonewall Kitchen offers items from every category of their fine line of gourmet foods, and tucks a collection of recipe cards into each month's selection.

This January's selection from Stonewall Kitchen is a wonderful welcome on a cold winter morning; their farmhouse pancake and waffle mix is accompanied by a container of maple syrup from Maine; their wild blueberry jam, also from Maine; and their spectacularly unique raspberry peach champagne jam. Their July selection has an Asian theme, with wasabi mustard, wasabi ginger sauce, toasted sesame oil, Chinese five spice mix, and sesame ginger teriyaki sauce.

Beyond Food - More Interesting "Of the Month" Clubs

Imagine fresh flowers - Peruvian lilies, red roses, exotic Birds of Paradise - arriving each month from some of the world's best growers to brighten your home, summer, winter, or in between; or a new, fun, and challenging jigsaw puzzle. Cigar clubs, candle clubs, even necktie clubs bring something different to you or a favorite friend or family member throughout the year.

Food of the month and other clubs bring a bit of adventure into recipients' lives as they look forward to each new arrival. It's also a really creative way to show your love and affection often; your loved ones will be reminded of you every time they receive that special package in the mail.

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