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by Trish Burrell

The bridal shower cake will be one of the main features of your party, so make it a memorable one.

Many times even the simplest cake is considered a work of art. Think about how often you, or someone you know, has had to "get a picture of the cake" before it's cut. You definitely want it to be a crowd pleaser.

Whether you decide to use a bakery, or make the cake yourself, answering the following questions will help with your planning.

What is the look I'm going for?

Will the party be casual, funky, or formal? The total look you're trying to create, will help guide the style you pick out for the cake. Look through cake decorating books, or stop at your local bakery for ideas.

Does the guest of honor have a favorite flavor?

Does she like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry? Maybe she likes carrot cake. Consider what she would like, first.

How many people do I need to serve?

The number of guests often helps decide whether a layer or sheet cake is used.

Are there any special dietary needs I have to be aware of ?

You can't always accomodate everyone, but definitely be aware of the guest of honor's needs.

Should the cake be decorated with the party theme?

Decorating the cake to go with the bridal shower theme is a good idea. It will help you come up with some unique ideas, and also add to the total look of the party.

Should I use specific colors?

If you decorate the cake with the colors you've used for the shower, it will help to keep things uniform.

Will the cake be used as a centerpiece?

If you have used the bridal shower theme or colors to decorate the cake, then using it as a centerpiece will have a very nice effect.

If I'm using a bakery, how far in advance do I need to order?

Call ahead, as each place will have their own schedules.

What saying will I put on the cake?

There are no set rules, so use your imagination. Look to your theme for ideas. Of course the simple "Best Wishes" or "Congratulations" is always appropriate.

Any other considerations?

Make sure to remember plates and forks when you are planning your supplies.

If you are having the shower at home, have someone designated to cut and serve the cake.

Take a picture ahead of time to give to the bride-to-be.

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