1873 - Presbyterian Cook Book

Baked Beans


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1873 - Presbyterian Cook Book
Baked Beans

Mrs. A. C. Coburn.

Three pints of beans and half a pound of salt pork;
put beans to soak over night;
next morning put them in a vessel with a gallon of soft water
and half a teaspoonful of soda;
let simmer slowly until thoroughly swelled, but not bursted;
then lift them out with a perforated skimmer,
into a pan with clear hot water.
Set them on the stove where they will keep hot but not boil;
then pour boiling water over the pork;
scrape the rind and score it;
lay it in a flat stone crock kept for that purpose;
put the beans in all around it;
add one tablespoonful of butter, and two of molasses;
fill up with boiling water;
bake four or five hours.

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