1904 - Cooking in Old Creole Days

Okra Soup


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1904 - Cooking in Old Creole Days
Okra Soup

Soak in a little cold water for an hour or two one pint of the dried okra,
add this with the water to one gallon of good strong beef stock.
Also one quart of tomatoes, (strained through a colander),
a half cupful of rice,
and one pint of chopped Irish potatoes.
Season with salt,
green pepper, or cayenne,
chopped celery
and onion.
Boil in a porcelain kettle at least five hours, stirring frequently
with a silver spoon, or new wooden spoon, or the soup will become dark.
The gallon must be maintained by adding boiling water at intervals as required.
This should result in a rich, thick soup, such as is liked in the South.
Some cooks prefer to boil meat and vegetables together, removing the meat when tender,
cutting it into pieces, and returning it to the soup a few minutes before serving.


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